4Sync, Another Free Cloud Computing Service

Cloud computing is gaining traction and everyone has multi devices that they would love to have all their music, pictures and documents synced across. The problem in most cases is finding a service that works, that offers you a great deal of storage space, and it FREE! Well a new service that offers all of those benefits is now live and ready for you to take advantage. This new service is called 4Sync.

In my opinion, 4Sync is yet another service similar to Dropbox, that allows you to upload your files into the cloud and then synchronize them on multiple devices. Allowing you to share files on multiple OS platforms, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux, and some smartphones like iPhone and Android. And just like Dropbox, you need to download and install a piece of software on your computer, and once you make any changes to any file(s) in your designated “sync” folder, then those changes are eventually synced on all your devices that run 4Sync.

The program creates a folder called 4Sync in your profile folder and a shortcut is added into your Favorites in Windows Explorer if you are on a Windows 7 computer. Files or folders dragged and dropped into your 4Sync folder are automatically uploaded to 4Sync online storage and will get synced.¬† The program automatically syncs all changes made, you don’t need to concern yourself with this, although I do see this as an issue should you have a corrupt file, if you’re not quick, then that corrupt file will get uploaded to all your devices. The 4Sync service offers a whooping 15GB of free space right from the time you sign up. You however, cannot upload a file larger than 2MB at any one time. To increase the upload size of the file you will need to upgrade for US$6.50 for the year, at which point your storage limit goes up to 100GB.

I recently signed up for my 4Sync account so I’m still exploring, so please feel free to check out the service, and drop a comment and let us know how you like the service and how you’re using it.

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