A New Online Storage Service That’s Larger Than The Rest!

Many of you may have heard of a new online storage service called MEGA that’s offering 50GB of FREE storage, well I am here to tell you that there is yet another online storage service called SurDoc that is offering 100GB FREE! That’s right, its not a typo, not a gimmick! Free, without any hassle whatsoever. What’s even more exciting is that you can “earn” upto 1TB also free by inviting some friends (so expect an e-mail from me soon).

SurDoc like all the other online storage services allows you to store your digital life securely in the cloud and be able to access your information from anywhere in the world. Sign up is quick and easy, and you can log in using any standard, modern web browser, and access your information, upload, modify as you need. The service is fast and I am able to access my information without much lag time. There is currently an Android app in the Play Store as well. I have not seen an app for the Windows Phone OS, and not too sure about an iOS app either, but I’m sure they will be on their way very soon.

You can also download a SurDoc auto backup client for Windows and install it. This application will automatically back up documents within a selected folder everyday to your SurDoc storage space. Of course the application is customizable so you can change the frequency of the backup and what to backup. Once you sign up for your SurDoc account, you’ll get even more details on using the service and the application.

Whether you need it or not, I would recommend  you go out and get yourself a SurDoc account. You never know when 100GB (or 1TB) will come in handy. And for all those who got my invite, hurry over and sign up.

If you decide to get yourself an account, please let me know how you use the service and how it compares to the others (Amazon, SkyDrive, Mega, DropBox, Box, etc).