Browse The Internet Anonymously With SafeIP

Almost everyone by now is somehow connected to the Internet, which is a wonderful thing. But there are those of us who would love to be able to browse around the Internet without being watched or tracked by various websites and even online programs. There may even be a situation where a particular online application, video, online game, or service may not work because it tracks your IP address and prevents you from accessing the service because of your location.

Well if you can relate to any of the above situations, then you will be glad to know that there is a free Windows network utility that lets you browse the internet without exposing your online “identity” by hiding your current public IP address from websites. The program is called SafeIP and it acts like a proxy server that redirects all your  Internet activities through the SafeIP network which protects your identity. The communication between your computer and SafeIP network is secured by a strong encryption protocol. So whether you’re accessing the Internet from home, work  or through a public wi-fi hotspot you are always well protected.

After you download and install the SafeIP utility, you load the program and you are presented with the initial window, which shows your current IP address (Fig. 1), as well as whether or not you have any of the additional protection services activated (by default they are all off).

SafeIP Dashboard
Fig. 1 – SafeIP Dashboard
Fig. 2 - SafeIP Dashboard Connected
Fig. 2 – SafeIP Dashboard Connected

To begin your anonymous browsing, click the “connect” button, this will instruct SafeIP to connect to the SafeIP secure anonymous network, a random IP address and country location (wish I was in Amsterdam) will be chosen when you do that. You can also, double-click any location on the left if you have a preference or a valid reason (some online service specific to a region) (Fig. 2). You can now begin to browse anonymously.

SafeIP has additional security options that allows you to restrict your online sessions even more. Selecting the “Settings” button will allow you to turn on additional features such as IP protection, Malware protection, Advertisement blocking, Cookie tracking protection, Browser ID protection, Automatic IP rotation, and DNS privacy. I would recommend turning them all on for the most anonymous experience.

There is a drawback however to having all this protection turned on, this will make your browsing a tad bit slower as all this filtering has to be done by the proxying process on the SafeIP network. This of course is all depended on your initial connection speed to the Internet, so you may not even notice any lag if you have a reasonable fast connection. The program offers an “Optimizations” section that allows you to try and tailor your current online session based on what it is that you will be doing.

So there you have it, yet another way to safe guard your online activities. Let me know how you like this program and if you are aware of any other programs that do the same thing that you are currently using.