Download YouTube Videos To Your Computer

For a couple of weeks now, I have been asked a particular question about videos on YouTube, so I thought I would just do a quick article on it. The question is “How do I download YouTube videos to my computer?” I am fully aware that there are many different ways to get this done, and some of those ways even allow you to install a program within your browser (add-on) that allows you to do a simple click to get the video.

However my method is fast, easy and doesn’t require installing any programs and works on any operating system. Here’s how:

  1. First find the YouTube video you wish to download to your computer (Fig. 1). For this example
  2. Once you’re on that video, and you have the URL in your browser’s address bar, edit the URL and add the letters “ss” between the “www.” and the “youtube”. So the URL would now look like “” (Fig. 2). Remember, you are ONLY to add the “ss” as indicated, do not change the URL in any other way.
  3. Now press Enter on your keyboard.

This will send you to a conversion website called, and will begin to automatically convert the YouTube video for you. Once the conversion is completed, you will then be presented with links to download the file. Now depending on the quality of the uploaded video, you will be given multiple formats and resolutions to choose from (Fig. 3).

And that’s it, you have successfully downloaded your favorite YouTube video to your computer to do with whatever you wish. This is great for those times when you need to show a video whether as part of a presentation or performance, and you either won’t have Internet access, or don’t trust the service to perform at its best at the appointed time.

Hope you found this article useful. If you know of other ways to get YouTube videos to your computer, please leave a comment with instructions as to how you go about it.

UPDATE: I just tried doing this on my mobile devices (Android tablet/phone, WindowsPhone, BlackBerry) and the conversion was possible. However the steps are a little different. To get the video converted from your mobile device, you would need to follow STEP 1 above, however instead of editing the URL, you would select it all and copy it (however that is done on your mobile devices is outside the scope of this article). Once you have done that, point your browser to, then paste (however that is done on your mobile devices is outside the scope of this article) the URL into the provided field, and hit the download button. The conversion will begin, and then you will be presented with the links to download the video. Please note that downloading a video via mobile can be expensive (if you’re not on an unlimited data plan) and may take a long time.


Fig. 1 - Locate Video
Fig. 1 – Locate Video
Fig. 2 - Edit URL
Fig. 2 – Edit URL
Fig. 3 - Download Converted Video
Fig. 3 – Download Converted Video